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Training and Licensing

Our team has been managing the online delivery of Ontario Security Guard License for years. We have been responsible for managing thousands of students and have worked hard to maintain a high level of customer service and support for our students. We offer engaging presentations material and practice questions to ensure you pass the ministry exam. Our 24/7 technical support is always willing to serve you. For any issues you can email us at or call us at 647.895.9193, and a representative from our technical department will get back to you shortly.

To be eligible for an Ontario security guard license you must: Be 18 years of age or older Be legally able to work in Canada Have a clean criminal record Complete the training and exam requirements Have a current Emergency First Aid/CPR certificate (contact us for help with this) If you have been convicted (and not pardoned) of any of the 80+ criminal offences listed in the Ontario regulation, Eligibility to Hold a License — Clean Criminal Record, you will not be able to obtain or renew a security guard license.

Easy Steps: Your first step is to register with Primal Protection Services if you have not already done so. Complete your online Basis Security training Get your Emergency First Aid Training Course: 8 Hours Once complete your online security training and first aid we will provide you with a training certification number. Register at to take the mandatory test. After successfully completing your test, you may apply for a license. After gaining your license, Ontario Security Training will locate the most suitable employment.

The ministry test is designed to test your knowledge of the ministry mandated curriculum. For some of you, this will mean that you will need to brush up your knowledge in some areas that you have never trained in before. For newbies to the industry, it will mean that you will need effective training that meets the ministry regulation requirements. According to Brian Roberson who writes for the Canadian Security Magazine, “As many as 10,000 to 12,000 of the first 80,000 people who write the tests will fail them.” The test is passable, but for those who are already employed in the security industry, it is a good idea to prepare for it instead of just trying to wing it. For those who are new to the industry, you need to register for an effective Security Guard Basic Training Course that meets the ministry requirements.

If you read all the material carefully and do well on the practice quizzes you should pass the ministry exam. The practice quizzes and exam we offer cover the necessary topics to succeed on the ministry exam. Pay attention to all the presentations as all material can be used on the job one day.

Yes, in fact it has been proven to be more effective in some cases. Although you are not physically in a classroom, you train in an online or “virtual” classroom. Our 24/7 technical department is always willing to help you. For technical support feel free to email us at or call us at 647.895.9193 and a representative from our technical department will get back to you shortly. The reason this method of training is more effective is because, amongst other reasons, the featured training agencies utilize several different approaches to learning that are student focused. This includes a multi-media approach to learning as well as testing along each step of the way to ensure you understand the material being taught.

Payment Processes and Returns

We accept Debit, Credit, Paypal, Cash, and Cheque.

Please check that your CVV and date of expiry are correct. Alternatively, we recommend that you try another form of payment and ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account for the payment to process.

Please contact us via email at and attach a copy of your receipt and coupon code so that we may reimburse you the difference. Please give use 2-3 business days to fulfill the request.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Alternatively, you may contact us if you would like to delay your training or use that credit towards another course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important questions and concerns